Summer DIY for Your Backyard: Wheelbarrow Cooler & Foil Smoker Packets

Summer DIY for Your Backyard: Wheelbarrow Cooler & Foil Smoker Packets

Get the most out of your backyard this summer and turn every cookout into a hit!

We have a great DIY foil hack to help you turn your backyard bash into the coolest party on the block. Beat the summer heat with this DIY cooler to keep your drinks cold and your guests happy. All you need is a wheelbarrow, aluminum foil, and your favorite bottled beverages.

Turn Your Wheelbarrow Into A Decorative Cooler

Ice down your drinks this summer using foil and a wheelbarrow.

1. Line the inside of your wheelbarrow with aluminum foil. This

2. Fill wheelbarrow with ice and place your beverages inside.

3. Enjoy!

Smoke the Best BBQ by Making a DIY Foil Smoker

BBQs are a great way to get friends and family together. To ensure the best food on the plate, create a DIY smoker inside your grill with this aluminum foil hack using Reynolds Wrap® Aluminum Foil. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a smoker, here’s how:

Create the best DIY BBQ smoker with foil and these basic steps.


1. Tear off two pieces of foil about one foot long. If using Heavy-Duty Foil, use one sheet. Place one to two cups of soaked chips on one side.

2. Fold one half over the other and double-fold each open end to create a sealed packet.

3. Poke eight to ten holes in the top of the packet.

4. Place the packet on top of the grill in a corner and not directly next to where the food will be.

TIP:  With larger cuts of meat, you’ll need to smoke for longer. In that case, make an extra packet or two in advance.


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