Single Serve Cakes

Single Serve Cakes

Easily make individual size cakes with the help our durable Non-Stick Reynolds Wrap.

Start with a 12” inch sheet of Non-Stick Reynolds Wrap and fold in half.

Mold Reynolds Wrap square into individual cake pans, making sure the Non-Stick side is facing up. The Non-Stick side is the one where you can read "Non-Stick" in the embossed foil. If these words look backwards, flip your sheet of foil over.

TIP: Use a solid object to help shape the foil mold. For example, use a mini bowl, plate or small serving platter.

Fill with desired batter and bake according to specific batter instructions.

We recommend using one of these delicious batters: Cocount Cake, Triple Chocolate Cake and Carrot Cake

Remove from oven and let cool completely.

Remove the foil liner and decorate!


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