Master the School Bake Sale

Master the School Bake Sale

Whether you're responsible for planning & executing the bake sale or just volunteered to bring baked goodies, use these tips to master your school's bake sale this year.

Choose a Time, Date & Location

The first thing you'll want to do is check community calendars to avoid conflicting with other fundraisers. Also consider partnering with another relevant event to help draw an even bigger crowd.

Choose a time with the most potential for customers. Think about the busiest times of day for the location you've chosen.

If your bake sale is taking place outside of school, make sure the location is safe from street traffic, easily accessible and visible to customers.

Recruit Volunteers & Advertise Your Bake Sale

Talk to the school administration about ways to recruit bakers and helpers from within the school community. They may be able to get the word out to parents using emails, newsletters or even their social media accounts. Baking can be a great activity for kids so be sure to get them involved too!

To advertise the sale, send announcements to local newspapers and post information on local websites. Remember to email friends and family, and don’t forget to post on your Facebook page, blogs, and Twitter. Ask your volunteers to do the same and see if your school has a newsletter or social media profiles that they can also use to spread the word.

Ready. Set. Bake!

With all of the other details nailed down, it's time to get baking. Get inspired with our bake sale recipes, dessert recipes and yummy baked treats recipes.

Package for Presentation

Baked goods that are packaged in a creative and attractive way are more likely to sell. Here are some fun ideas on how to pack your treats in a way that's sure to get attention and sell fast:

  • Use colorful Reynolds® baking cups as a base to stack cookies in and then secure with cellophane and a bow
  • Use Reynolds KITCHENS™ Wax Paper Sandwich Bagsand either add one of the cute stickers included, create your own label/sticker or tie with a twine/ribbon
  • To individually package cupcakes, use a clear plastic cup to keep the cupcake protected during transport. Either use a matching lid for the cup or cover with cellophane and add a bow to help keep it fresh.


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