Parchment Paper Tips and Techniques

Parchment Paper Tips and Techniques

Baking cookies is an activity the whole family can enjoy! Reynolds® Parchment Paper is a great tool for baking perfect cookies and avoiding sticky pans. Check out some helpful tips and easy recipes to make the most of your Reynolds® Parchment Paper.

Prep Pans Ahead of Time:

Save time with each batch of cookies you bake by lining your cookie sheets with parchment paper. After each freshly baked batch is done and ready to cool, simply slide the sheet of parchment paper with the cookies still on top, onto a cooling rack. Save even more time by having the next batch of dough prepped on another sheet of parchment and ready to slide onto the cookie sheet so it can go right back into the oven.

No-Mess Candies:

Homemade treats are great, until cleanup time comes. Don’t fear sticky messes in the kitchen–use parchment paper for candy making and eliminate cleanup. Just let the candies cool right on the parchment.

Cover Pans:

Parchment paper is not only great for cookies, it’s also great for getting food perfectly golden brown! Watch Reynolds Real Mom® Maria Long show you how she uses parchment paper with her Creamy Chicken Enchiladas to keep the cheesy top golden and delicious every time.

Tearing Parchment to the Right Length:

Use these easy steps to make sure you get clean cuts and dont waste any parchment paper!

  • Pull out the parchment paper to the desired length.
  • Close the lid, inserting the flap behind the parchment paper.
  • Hold the carton and tear downward across the cutting edge.
  • Line your baking sheet, place your dough on the parchment paper, and bake!


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