How to Pack a Perfect Picnic

How to Pack a Perfect Picnic

These simple tips will keep your food fresh and delicious.​

How to Pack a Perfect Picnic

When summer comes around, there’s nothing better than eating outdoors. But sometimes things can get messy when you’re packing a picnic.


Place Reynolds® Baking Cups upside down on top of drinks to keep bugs out. Simply poke straws through the top of the baking cups and sip your drink without worry.


Put fragile foods—like strawberries or deviled eggs—in an egg carton. It helps protect food from getting smashed inside the picnic basket.


Wrap veggies in foil packets, and write names on the outside. It’s a great way to give each person their favorite veggies, and even double as a plate once opened.


Create individual salt and pepper packets out of parchment. Staple packets together and wrap around silverware to give each person their own ability to season food.


Wrap sandwiches in parchment paper. It keeps sandwiches from getting soft, and can also unfold into a plate.


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