How to Grill Your Dinner

How to Grill Your Dinner

Everyone loves the flavor the grill can bring to a meal, but sometimes you don’t have ingredients around the house that you would traditionally throw on the charcoal.

How to Grill Your Dinner

With a simple foil packet, you can step up your game by grilling common household ingredients on the grill with ease. Surprise your dining guests with some unexpected items – like pasta!


To make a foil packet, place ingredients in the center of a foil rectangle. Connect the two long sides and roll them down twice. Then roll each edge twice, leaving enough space for the steam to vent through the packet.



Try making foil packets for fresh vegetables and even pasta.


Slice fresh fruit and place them on a wooden skewer. Place directly on the grill, alongside the foil packets. Cook all items until done to your liking.




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