Freeze Ahead Lunch Box Treats

Freeze Ahead Lunch Box Treats

A packed lunch doesn't have to be boring. Try these fun ideas for you and your kids!

Lunchtime, fun time!

Add some fun to your packed lunch or surprise your kids with a lunchtime treat with these easy tricks!

Fun Sandwiches

Cookie cutters make it easy to create some fun sandwiches. Here's the secret: freeze the bread first. The bread will be much easier to cut when frozen. It will keep the sandwich cold throughout the day and be thawed by lunchtime.

TIP:  Fillings like peanut butter will spread evenly without tearing the bread.

Lunch + Dessert = Yum!

Want some chocolate after lunch? Who doesn't! Have a soft and delicious dessert every weekday with these tips.

  • Bake brownies, cookies, or bars.
  • Wrap individually in aluminum foil and freeze overnight.
  • Pop a frozen treat into the lunch box in the morning and it will be defrosted by lunch time.
  • Yum!


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