2021 Reynolds Wrap® Turkey Dogs

2021 Reynolds Wrap® Turkey Dogs

This year, enjoy the ultimate Thanksgiving meal. Reynolds Wrap® is doubling down on a distinctly American holiday with recipes that combine the classic Thanksgiving turkey with another unexpected but iconic national food treasure: the hot dog.

Chicago-Style Turkey Dog

A mustard-lover’s dream. This turkey packs a punch of flavor and nostalgia thanks to the mustard, sport peppers and other iconic toppings that makes the “Chicago-style” unique. Hold the ketchup. Check out the Chicago-Style Turkey recipe here.

New York-Style Turkey Dog

The zesty onion rub, sauerkraut, homemade onion sauce and spicy brown mustard toppings on this turkey capture the flavors of this iconic city, while the bright red ketchup glaze will satisfy any ketchup fan. Check out the New York-Style Turkey recipe here.

Chili Cheese Turkey Dog

Inspired by one of the most indulgent hot dog styles, chili lovers can rejoice in loading up their turkey just like they would their favorite chili dog (we won’t judge). Check out the Chili Cheese Turkey recipe here.

More Unique Turkeys

Looking for even more unique turkey recipes? We’ve got them! Check out our 2020 Reynolds Wrap® Dessert Turkeys here and some of our other popular specialty turkeys here.



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