2020 Reynolds Wrap Dessert Turkeys

2020 Reynolds Wrap Dessert Turkeys

You can now enjoy your dessert and Thanksgiving turkey all in one! Whether you have a sweet tooth or just want to make the holidays sweeter, these Dessert Turkeys are sure to sweeten up your Thanksgiving meal.

Pecan Pie Turkey

Bring the best parts of Thanksgiving together in this amazing Pecan Pie Turkey recipe that is sure to add some fun to your Thanksgiving table.

Gingerbread Turkey

The warm and inviting spices of gingerbread make for one delicious main course. Check out our new recipe for Gingerbread Turkey.

Chocolate Turkey

Your Thanksgiving isn't complete until you've tried this Chocolate Turkey that features a chocolate-based BBQ glaze!

More Unique Turkeys

Looking for even more unique turkey recipes? We've got them! Check out some of our other popular specialty turkeys here.



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