DIY Holiday Cookie Swap

'Tis the season for giving and what better way than with cookies!

How to Make the Holiday Cookie Swap

Cookie swaps are a fun and easy way to spread holiday cheer. Line your cookie tins with Parchment Paper so they don’t stick.

1. Invite your guests

The ideal guest list includes between 6 and 8 people. You’ll get a great variety of cookies but with manageable batch sizes. Make sure to ask each guest to bring a copy of their recipe to swap as well.

2. Choose your cookies

Each guest should plan to make a different kind of cookie — include this in the RSVP to avoid duplicate recipes. Have guests bring two dozen cookies: most for swapping and a few extra for sampling. Choose cookie recipes that are not thin or delicate for easy packing.

3. Bake!

The day before the cookie swap, bake your recipe with Parchment Paper. Parchment makes the perfect batch — cookies will cook more evenly and slide off without breaking. Plus, you can reuse your cookie sheets to make multiple batches. Just slide the parchment onto a wire rack when your cookies are done, and your cookie sheet is ready for the next batch.

4. Prepare for the party

You’ll need a big table to lay out all the varieties. And a packaging station for guests to wrap up their cookies to take home. Have cookie tins, boxes and bags on hand. And plenty of Parchment Paper to separate layers of cookies and keep them from sticking. Consider having tags, ribbons, twine and fun scissors or paper punches to decorate your packages. Don’t forget festive food and drink to go with all those sweets!

5. Swap!

For the party, lay out several platters or cake stands so guests can put out cookies for sampling. Display the recipes if you have them. Let everyone taste the goodies — and maybe even take a vote on the best one. When it’s time to swap, put out the remaining cookies and divide them up between you and your guests. Then use your packaging station to make festive wrapped cookie packs.