Pan Seared Skirt Steak

This skirt steak is an impressive dinner packed with flavor and easy to clean up, from Reynolds Wrap® Ambassador Ask Chef Dennis.

  • Prep Time

    10 minutes

  • Servings


  • Cook Time

    30 minutes

  • Course

    Main Dish

You’ll Need...

Heavy Duty Foil



Sauté the chopped onion in olive oil (or your choice of oil) until fragrant (2 minutes) over medium-high heat.

Add the farro to the pan and continue cooking for 1–2 minutes over medium heat to bring out the natural nuttiness of the farro.

Lower the heat to simmer and add one-third of the stock at a time to the farro. Repeat this process adding the remainder of the stock in thirds until the farro has absorbed the liquid.

Remove from the heat, cover and set aside until needed (the farro can be cooked ahead of time and refrigerated).

While the farro is cooking, sauté the mushrooms in butter until soft. Set aside until needed.

Pat dry the skirt steak with paper towels. Liberally season the steak with sea salt and black pepper. If you’d like to add more flavors to the skirt steak, use your favorite seasonings before cooking.

Heat a sauté pan on high heat until almost smoking. Very carefully add one tablespoon of cooking oil to the pan. Very carefully add the seasoned skirt steak to the pan and sear the steak 2–3 minutes on each side until you get a nice crust on the steak. Make sure to have your kitchen fan on and a window open if possible.

Cut four 16-inch pieces of Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil.

Place 1 cup of cooked farro in the center of the foil.

Top the farro with one cup of raw spinach. Add the pan-seared skirt steak on top of the spinach.

Top the skirt steak with the sautéed mushrooms and bleu cheese crumbles.

To close the foil pouch: Bring up the long sides of the foil, so the ends meet over the food. Double fold the ends, leaving room for heat to circulate inside. Double fold the two short ends to seal the packet. Place the four packets on a sheet pan or baking pan and place into a 350° F preheated oven for 25 minutes (or until the internal temperature has reached 165° F).

Carefully remove the packets from the oven and cautiously open the packets for serving as steam will escape. The foil will be hot, so use kitchen gloves or towels when touching them. Don’t spoil dinner by getting burned!

Carefully slide the skirt steak and all the fixings onto a plate, and dinner is served!