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Parchment-Lined Bakeware


Cookies and treats slide right off of parchment-lined baking sheets without any cooking spray or oil.

Variety of Shapes & Sizes

Bake a variety of desserts with parchment-lined cookie sheets, cake pans or loaf pans.

Bright & Colorful

Attractive exterior makes parchment-lined bakeware perfect for gift giving and nice family occasions.

Product Details

Enjoy struggle-free baking when using Reynolds Kitchens® Disposable Bakeware with Parchment Lining. It’s non-stick feature allows treats to slide right off of the parchment-line baking sheet without any cooking spray. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, sweet lovers can use cookie sheets, loaf pans, or cake pans to bake their favorite desserts. Parchment-line pans are also bright and colorful, making them the perfect addition to your next family gathering.

Product Faqs


Can you freeze desserts in the parchment pans?


Definitely! In fact, preparing desserts in advance is a great way to save time and reduce stress when preparing for your get-togethers with family and friends.


What makes parchment pans different than regular bakeware pans?


The parchment lining in these pans, combined with the non-stick metal surface, combine to give you a worry-free baking experience. Cookies and treats slide right off after baking.


Are parchment pans microwave-safe?


We do not recommend putting metal pans, including our disposable metal pans, in the microwave.

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