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Cake & Pie Pans

Non-stick Baking

Desserts slide right out with our non-stick cake and pie pans.

No Clean-Up

Spend more time with family, less time cleaning up dessert with these disposable dishes.

Freeze & Store

Freeze extra sweets in dessert pans for up to three months.

Product Details

Bake beautiful cakes and tasty pies in Reynolds Kitchens® dessert pans. Non-stick feature helps desserts easily slide out of the pan. Available in all different shapes and sizes, Reynolds Kitchens® cake pans and pie pans allow you to make a dessert perfect for any occasion, from birthdays and picnics to Thanksgiving dinner. Plus, extra sweets can be frozen in the pans for up to three months.

Product Faqs


Can cake pans and pie pans be put in the dishwasher?


We do not recommend putting Reynolds Kitchens® Bakeware pans in the dishwasher as repeated washings will cause the non-stick performance to naturally degrade over time.


Do dessert pans come in different colors or patterns?


All of our dessert pans come with a deep blue exterior coating that aligns with consumer recognition of the Reynolds Kitchens® brand.

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