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Pasta & Casserole Pans

Non-stick Pans

Avoid using extra spray, butter, or oil with non-stick lasagna and casserole pans.

Quick clean-up

Single-use casserole pans make clean-up quick and easy after every family meal.

Portable & Strong

Provides an easy way to carry appetizers, pasta dishes, and casseroles from the kitchen to the buffet.

Product Details

Using a casserole pan is a great way to make a delicious Italian-inspired meal for a family dinner. Each aluminum lasagna pan has a non-stick feature to keep your pasta dish looking great as it easily slides out of the pan without extra cooking spray. Plus, with its bright blue exterior, you can stick a casserole pan right on the table for any fun family gathering.

Product Faqs


Do I need to use spray, oil or butter in the casserole pan before putting i


No need! We designed Reynolds Kitchens® Bakeware pans to provide excellent non-stick performance without the need to use any extra sprays, oils, or additives.


How can leftover lasagna be stored?


Be sure to follow USDA food safety guidelines for handling and storing food. Lasagna can be stored directly in the pan in the fridge or freezer either with the plastic lids that came with Reynolds Kitchens® Bakeware, or covered with a layer of our high-quality Reynolds Wrap® Aluminum Foil.

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