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Disposable Roasting Pans

Easy Clean-up

Make big meals with little clean-up in our disposable aluminum bakeware pans.

Strong & Sturdy

These multi-purpose pans are strong enough for you to carry hearty meals from the oven to the table.

Product Details

Get creative with your dinner and cook something new in Reynolds Kitchens® multi-purpose roasting pans. Easy and portable, these disposable aluminum pans are strong yet visually appealing to impress at family gatherings and holiday parties. Even more impressive will be the time you save on clean-up!

These pans make classic holiday recipes like Thanksgiving turkey and Easter ham easy and let you spend more time with your loved ones.

Product Faqs


What's the difference between a multi-purpose pan and roasting pan?


The size of the multi-purpose pan, and the included lid allows a variety of hot or cold foods to be prepared and transported in our Reynolds Kitchens® multi-purpose pan. It’s completely your choice whether to roast meats or meatballs; cook potatoes, mac and cheese or other pastas; or even prepare cold items like salads and take-along treats in these pans.


How much weight can multi-purpose pans handle?


Reynolds Kitchens® has a variety of multi-use pans. Most all-purpose pans can hold up to 12lbs and most multi-purpose pans can hold up to a maximum of 24lbs.

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