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Disposable Baking Pans With Lids & Carriers

Easy & Safe Transport

Easily carry food to the party with the disposable carriers, complete with handles and heat guard to protect against hot food.

Avoid Spills

Aluminum foil pans with lids create a barrier against spills on clothes or car interiors when traveling.

Find The Size You Need

Disposable carriers come in Reynolds Kitchens® Lasagna, 13”x 9” Cake and now Full Steam pan sizes.

Product Details

Easily and safely transport your favorite meals in Reynolds Kitchens® Disposable Baking Pans with Carriers. The complete package includes an aluminum pan, lid and heat guard to help you avoid mess and discomfort while traveling. Carriers are available in Reynolds Kitchens® Lasagna Pans and 13"x9” Cake Pans These carriers are made with the same sturdy paperboard used to carry 6-packs of beverages. Plus, the colorful design on the disposable carriers make it a festive addition to your party table.

Product Faqs


What is included in one package?


Each package comes with a non-stick baking pan, a lid for the pan (use the lid after the food is cooked—don’t put the lid in the oven), a disposable hot pad, and an attractive, disposable carrier.


How would I use a carrier?


We find many consumers get very creative when taking prepared food out the door to enjoy meals with family and friends! To use Reynolds Kitchens® Disposable Baking Pans with carriers, first peel the white tape off the carrier and fully open up the carrier into a rectangular shape. Then, place the disposable cardboard hotpad in the bottom of the carrier. Finally, place your pan of prepared food on top of the cardboard hotpad. Pick up the carrier using the 2 handles provided, and you are ready to go!


Are the carriers strong enough to handle the food I would put in a pan?


We designed our carriers to provide outstanding strength using a familiar material – the same type of paper board used for many years in the U.S. to carry six packs of bottled beverages. Our stylish, disposable carriers are strong enough to hold at least twice the food we expect consumers will place in one of our disposable aluminum pans.


Does the carrier come in different colors?


All of our carriers come with a decorative, light-and dark blue exterior design that aligns with consumer recognition of the Reynolds Kitchens® brand.

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