S'mores without a Fire

S'mores without a Fire
S'mores without a Fire

No bonfire? No problem! You don’t have to have a fire blazing to enjoy the perfect mixture of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. Here’s 10 ways you can make s’mores without a campfire.


10 ways to make s’mores without a campfire

Make traditional s’mores on the grill. Assemble s’mores and place them on a square of foil. Place foil on warm grill and cover lid. Allow chocolate to get soft. Enjoy!


A twist with a kiss

Try a citrusy twist! Use a lemon cookie as your base. Top with a marshmallow, and warm in the microwave for a few seconds. Then finish off with a chocolate kiss on top.


Peanut butter lovers s'mores

For the peanut butter lover, spread marshmallow fluff on a graham cracker. Top with a layer of peanut butter, then a layer of chocolate frosting.


Chocolate lovers s'mores

Place marshmallows on chocolate graham crackers, then melt in the microwave and enjoy warm.


S'mores cups

Make them in a cup! Use Reynolds Foil Baking Cups. Fill the bottom with graham cracker crumbs, and then add a layer of chocolate ganache, and top with mini marshmallows. Warm them up in the oven, or enjoy cold.

You’ll Need…

A savory surprise

Enjoy a savory surprise. Try mixing in bacon crumbles and bits of pretzel into a homemade marshmallow recipe.


Dipped s'mores

Dip regular or chocolate graham crackers into marshmallow fluff. Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips. Store on Reynolds Parchment Paper to avoid sticking.


Baked s'mores

Bake them! Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Then build s’mores atop the parchment and place in the oven to cook a bunch all at once. When done, throw away the parchment and leave behind the sticky mess.


Mini mint s'mores

Make them mint. Start with chocolate covered mint cookies, and create a sandwich around marshmallow fluff.


Gourmet marshmallows

Take large homemade or store-bought marshmallows and dip them in melted chocolate. Roll in graham cracker crumbs immediately, and let them cool and harden on parchment paper.



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