Chrismakkah Mashups

Chrismakkah Mashups

Give both holidays the attention they deserve with these Christmas and Hanukah mashups!

Peppermint Bark Gelt Coins

Easily make your own gelt this year by cutting circles out of peppermint chocolate bark and wrapping in foil for a delicious festive treat!

Gingerbread Man Shaped Latkes

Enjoy festive shaped latkes for your Chrismakkah dinner. Prepare your latke normally and use your favorite Christmas cookie cutter to shape. Use a parchment paper cone to decorate each latke with sour cream and top with peppercorns and capers instead of frosting!

DIY Menorah Wreath

Love using fresh herbs like us? Make your own DIY Menorah Wreath this holiday season.

You’ll need:

  • Reynolds Wrap
  • Foam Circle Wreath
  • Candles
  • String
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Optional winter berries for color


  1. Cut the foam circle wreath in half to create two semi-circles
  2. Wrap semi-circle in foil
  3. Create the Menorah stand by rolling foil into a base and secure to semi-circle with string or glue
  4. Wrap string around semi-circle to create a spiral all the way across the Menorah
  5. Insert your favorite herbs, using the string to hold them in place, and fully cover foil circle
  6. Hang by your kitchen and use while you cook throughout the season


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