Smoke-Roasted Apples

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You’ll Need...

Pasta and Casserole Pans



CORE the apples from the top, using a small melon baller or a paring knife. Remove the stem end and seeds, creating a cavity in the apple, but leave the bottom intact to hold in the filling.

PLACE 1/2 tablespoon whipped cream cheese in cavity of each apple. Top with 1/2 tablespoon apricot jam, 1/2 tablespoon brown sugar, and 1/2 tablespoon butter. The recipe can be prepared to this stage several hours ahead.

SET UP your grill for indirect grilling (rake the lit coals into two piles on opposite sides of the grill) and preheat to medium (about 350° F.) Place a foil drip pan in center under apples.

TEAR off six 3-inch pieces of Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil to hold apples upright on the grill grate. Twist each piece into a doughnut shape about 2 inches in diameter.

ARRANGE apples on the Reynolds Wrap Foil doughnuts in the center of the grill over the drip pan. Make a smoker pouch with wood chips or toss half the wood chips on each mound of coals and cover the grill.