No Bake Blueberry Cookie Bars

Here’s an easy, make-ahead treat that doesn’t require a hot oven. Plus, store each bar between layers of parchment paper for on-the-go snacking.

  • Prep Time

    15 minutes

  • Servings

    25 bars

  • Cook Time

    5 - 10 minutes, plus 1 hour set time

  • Course

    Appetizers & Snacks



  • For the Bars:

  • For the Drizzle:


LINE an 8x8 pan with Reynolds® Parchment Paper. Cut and overlap the corner flaps to fit the parchment snugly into the pan.

POUR the cereal in a plastic bag and seal. Use a rolling pin to crush cereal into a fine, crumbly texture. Add cereal to a bowl and combine with dried blueberries and sliced almonds.

HEAT corn syrup over medium low in a large saucepan until it begins to thin. Add the butter and almond butter. Simmer gently until melted and stir to combine. Add the sugar and almond extract and heat until just combined and sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat. Stir until all ingredients are combined. Add the white chocolate chips and mix in quickly.

PRESS the cereal mix into the parchment lined baking pan with a spatula or your fingers. Let sit for one hour at room temperature.

REMOVE cookies from the pan by pulling on parchment. Leave cookies on the parchment.

MELT vanilla almond bark and canola oil in a microwave or on the stove top for 1 to 2 minutes. Dip the tines of a fork to drizzle the cookies liberally with the melted vanilla almond bark. Let sit for 10 minutes.

CUT the cookies into 1" x 2" squares.