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Pop Up Parchment Paper Sheets


Easy pop-up dispensing and sheets that lay flat and don’t curl up


Fits most baking pans without cutting or folding, perfect for baking chicken, veggies and more


Food doesn’t stick, making clean up easy and it’s oven safe up to 425°F

Product Details

Reynolds Kitchens® Pop Up Parchment Paper Sheets are a high density, natural paper that is non-stick and compostable. The pop up sheets make dispensing easy and the sheets lay flat with no curling. These sheets are perfect for roasting chicken, vegetables, salmon and much more. Oven safe up to 425°F, the pre-cut parchment paper sheets are non-stick so clean up is quick and easy.

Our pre-cut pop up parchment sheets are made in France and packaged in the USA, using responsibly sourced wood fibers. We utilize the parchmentizing process to fuse together tightly woven wood pulp fibers in order to create a natural greaseproof, non-stick paper.

Try some of our favorite recipes using parchment packets (a technique called "en papillote") like this lemon pepper cod in parchment recipe or this shrimp and herb vegetable parchment packet recipe.

Product Faqs


What is parchment paper?


Parchment paper is a high-density, natural paper with a non-stick coating.


Is parchment paper safe to use in the oven or a convection oven?


It is! The “parchmentizing process” makes Reynolds Kitchens® Parchment Paper oven safe up to 425°F. Be sure to preheat your oven and never touch parchment paper to the sides of the oven or to an open flame. Never use with a broiling unit or toaster oven.


Can I use Reynolds Kitchens® Parchment Paper in the microwave oven?


You can! In a microwave, place a small sheet of Reynolds Kitchens® Parchment Paper underneath foods in order to eliminate splatters and avoid messy cleanup. To reheat foods such as vegetables or casserole leftovers, place at least ½ cup of food in a microwave-safe dish and cover with a sheet of parchment paper.


Is parchment paper the same as wax paper or freezer paper?


No, they're actually all different. Wax paper and parchment paper provide a non-stick surface to help lift food from the surface of a pan without sticking, but wax paper is made by applying a coating of wax to a thin paper sheet. Parchment paper, on the other hand, has a natural non-stick coating produced through a special “parchmentizing” process. Both are microwave safe, but only parchment paper is oven safe (up to 425°F). Freezer paper is a durable paper that is designed to wrap foods for the freezer instead of being used for cooking. One side is coated to provide a barrier to air and moisture and the other side is a durable paper that you can write on to label foods before storing in the freezer.

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