Pink Butcher Paper with Slide Cutter

Pink Butcher Paper with Slide Cutter

Reynolds Kitchens® Pink Butcher Paper with Slide Cutter is perfect for smoking meats.

  • Easy, Straight Cuts
  • Tender Smoked Meat
  • Tasty Bark
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Butcher paper
Easy, Straight Cuts

Sturdy box with slide cutter provides smooth cutting and convenient storage.

Tender Smoked Meat

Seals in moisture of brisket, pork and other meats cooked low and slow.

Tasty Bark

Breathable butcher paper protects hard-earned, crisp bark.

Product FAQs

Trim, season and smoke meats like brisket and pork until desired bark is achieved. Wrap meat for the last stage of smoking to seal in moisture and protect crisp bark. Overlap two pieces of butcher paper for larger cuts of meat. Cut enough butcher paper to double wrap meat for added protection. Fold ends of butcher paper in and wrap meat tightly like a present. Place wrapped meat back on smoker and smoke until it reaches desired temperature. Rest wrapped meat on a baking tray to seal in juices. Serve on pink butcher paper and enjoy your tender, tasty smoked feast.

Unlike kraft paper, Reynolds Kitchens® Butcher Paper has added wet strength to stay strong even when wet. It is also FDA compliant, unwaxed and unbleached, making it perfect for smoking meat.

Foil traps steam, which can create soggy bark and a texture like pot roast. Butcher paper allows meat to breathe, helping to maintain the crisp bark while sealing in moisture.

No paper product should be in direct contact with open flames. Reynolds Kitchens® Butcher Paper is recommended for temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

ReynoldsKITCHENS® Butcher Paper is a thick, heavy, strong, 18-inch wide paper made specifically for the tough job of wrapping large juicy meats for cooking them to slow perfection in the moderate to low heat of a smoker. ReynoldsKITCHENS Butcher Paper holds enough moisture to keep your meats tender and juicy while protecting the delicious crisp bark that develops when smoking. It is strong enough to resist leaks and tears when smoker favorites, like brisket, pork shoulder and ribs, render greasy juices as they cook. Butcher paper is also perfect for lining small trays for serving BBQ meals. ReynoldsKITCHENS® Parchment Paper is also a strong but thinner, 12 or 15-inch wide, oven-safe paper that fits baking sheets and pans. Parchment Paper is perfect for baking sweet and savory foods and for roasting in high oven temperatures up to 425°F. Parchment Paper is non-stick and prevents foods from baking onto your pans - So your foods lift off the paper beautifully and clean-up is easy. Parchment Paper is also great for use in microwaves.

If you’re new to meat smoking, pork butt or shoulder for pulled pork is a good meat to try because it is smaller, cheaper and takes less time to prepare and smoke than a large beef brisket. It has good fat marbling, which makes it more forgiving to experiment with and easier to produce juicy, delicious results. Ribs and brisket tend to be the pinnacle smoked meats. Watch some of our how-to videos for tips and tricks on how to smoke meats like a pro.