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Pink Butcher Paper with Slide Cutter

Tender Smoked Meat

Seals in moisture of brisket, pork and other meats cooked low and slow.

Tasty Bark

Breathable butcher paper protects hard-earned, crisp bark.

Easy, Straight Cuts

Sturdy box with slide cutter provides smooth cutting and convenient storage.

Product Details

Reynolds Kitchens® Pink Butcher Paper with Slide Cutter is perfect for smoking meats. Wrap brisket and pork for the last few hours of smoking to ensure it comes out tender and juicy with crisp bark. The only butcher paper with a slide cutter (patent pending), it dispenses easily from sturdy packaging.

Made in the U.S.A, this unbleached, unwaxed, 40-lb pink butcher paper is FDA compliant, tested for temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Strong even when wet, Reynolds Kitchens® Pink Butcher Paper resists leaks and tears.

Prep, wrap and serve your smoked feast like a barbecue pro on pink butcher paper. Also great for wrapping packages, creating signs and art projects.

Check out this video on how to smoke meat using butcher paper to learn more.

Product Faqs


How do I use butcher paper to smoke meat?


Trim, season and smoke meats like brisket and pork until desired bark is achieved. Wrap meat for the last stage of smoking to seal in moisture and protect crisp bark. Overlap two pieces of butcher paper for larger cuts of meat. Cut enough butcher paper to double wrap meat for added protection. Fold ends of butcher paper in and wrap meat tightly like a present. Place wrapped meat back on smoker and smoke until it reaches desired temperature. Rest wrapped meat on a baking tray to seal in juices. Serve on pink butcher paper and enjoy your tender, tasty smoked feast. 


How is butcher paper different from kraft paper?


Unlike kraft paper, Reynolds Kitchens® Butcher Paper has added wet strength to stay strong even when wet. It is also FDA compliant, unwaxed and unbleached, making it perfect for smoking meat.


How is butcher paper different from foil for smoking meat?


Foil traps steam, which can create soggy bark and a texture like pot roast.  Butcher paper allows meat to breathe, helping to maintain the crisp bark while sealing in moisture.


Can butcher paper be used on a grill?


No paper product should be in direct contact with open flames. Reynolds Kitchens® Butcher Paper is recommended for temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

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