Our Best Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

We’ve compiled our best turkey cooking and roasting tips to help you have a tasty Thanksgiving filled with lots of tender, juicy turkey.

Turkey Cooking Tips

We’re here to help you decide on the best cooking method for your holiday and will walk you through how to get tender and juicy turkey that your family will love.

There are three methods to choose from: Foil Tent, Foil Wrap or Cooking Bag. We recommend that you place your turkey in a Reynolds Kitchens® Roasting Pan no matter which method you choose.


Keep your turkey from over-browning in the oven with a foil tent. Learn more details about the method here:


Cooking your holiday turkey in an oven bag will help to infuse the flavors and keep the meat moist. Learn more details about the method here:

Three desserts made into the shape of cooked turkey platters.


Look no further! We have our best Thanksgiving recipes saved for you here in our Easy Thanksgiving Recipes collection.

If you're wanting to try something new this year, check out our new Dessert Turkeys!

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